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Introducing the

Unstoppable Moms Summit

This is the ultimate event for Moms 
who have children 
struggling with addictions and/or 
mental health challenges!

This is the ultimate event for Moms
who have children
struggling with addictions and/or
mental health challenges!

This online event features an unparalleled lineup of experts sharing their knowledge and experience on addictions, recovery, and wellness!  

What would life be like if the solutions to heal our children while 
feeling peaceful and happy ourselves were readily available?
Or, if it is sadly too late for your child, could change things for yourself?
Do you believe that:
  • Solutions to help your suffering child heal while living a fulfilling life yourself don't exist or are a very well kept secret?
  • Answers that could eradicate your doubt, stress and anxiety, and sadness exist for some people but are not available to you?
  • You are not enough, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot heal your child's suffering?
  • Your situation feels unbearable and you are losing hope for your child's well being or of ever having a life of peace and happiness yourself?

If you said yes to any of the phrases above, 
then you're not alone!

I understand because I have been there too. 

But I'm happy to say that
Solutions DO exist! They ARE available to you!
And you DESERVE to have them!
Join us to learn more.

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What Will You Learn In This Summit?

  • Crucial Information About Addiction, Recovery, Grief, Codependency, Detachment, Thoughts & Emotions, Energy, and Resiliency!
  • ​Little Known Strategies and Techniques to Support Recovering and Healing!
  • Essential Tools For Creating and Maintaining a Life Filled With Peace, Purpose and Passion! 

And What Does This Mean?

  • Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Self Blame, Guilt, Negative Thoughts, Expectations, and Exhaustion Are Not Required! 
  • Hope, Confidence, Compassion, Empathy, Positive Relationships, and Trust Can Be The New Normal!
  • Positive Energy, Balance, and Enhanced Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health -  A Life Truly Worth Living - Are Not Far Fetched Dreams!
MARCH 29TH, 30TH, AND 31ST, 2021

Don't Miss This Unique Opportunity!

We are giving you a short 72 Hour pass to watch 
more than 20 videos! 

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Who Spoke At This Event?
more than 20 experts on 
addiction, mental health, wellness, Grief, spirituality...

Dr. K.J. Foster

Svetla Petkova

Sandy Sherman

Tracey Fong

Marla Sacks

Libby Adams, PhD

Carine Kindinger

Rebecca Brown

Ruth  Bonde

Jeff Sullivan

Kate Cook

Darlene Lancer

Tracey Kenela

Julie Kowalchuk

Cassie Moss Perry

Debbie Sherrick

Adele Tannahill

Dr. Lynn Migdal

Lauren Weber

Chloe Jimenez Peters

Christine Gordon

Dr. James Proetz

Carrie Michele Myers

Amy McCann

Learn how YOU can break free of the shadows of 
family addiction and mental health challenges and grief
from more than 20 experts in the areas of addictions and recovery, 
and emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

Yes I've lived it!

Not that long ago, I lived in an almost constant state of anxiety, wondering 
is my child was safe, 
where is she and who is she with, 
what if she needs me and can't reach me?
Often fearing the worst!
And when I wasn't feeling noticeably anxious, when I knew where my child was,
what she was doing, that she was safe,
I was often engaged in conversations that left me feeling
isolated, judged, hopeless, used, or just fed up.

I felt guilty and frustrated! I should be able to make this right!
I felt shame because I knew that I could do better, be better.
I often felt angry! How could life be so hard for my child? For me?

I was alone - addictions and mental health challenges can be invisible,
and many well meaning people are righteous!
I felt judged by family, teachers, and friends.
Everyone else knew what to do and what I was doing wrong.
They gave me a lot of advice (and directions!).
I felt that I was failing as a parent, but I was trying as hard as I could!
I became depressed.
Then one day about 10 years ago I saw a glimmer of light!
I learned some truths that caused me to start seeing things in a new way.
The door to a different future opened just the tiniest of cracks, and gave me a smidgeon of hope.
Looking back, I believe the universe was showing me a path. 
When we are learning to walk, we cannot immediately run like a deer,
we have to build up to that speed gradually.
The universe led me down this gradual path and opened doors along the way,
and presented me with learning opportunities one after the other, and on and on.
Today my life is very different from what it was one decade ago.
A typical day for me now has plenty of hope, peace, and purpose.
Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments and I have to work on myself daily!
That's right - I have to work on myself daily!
But the moments of suffering are now the exceptions, not the rule.
My mission is to help other Moms who may be experiencing any or all of the challenges I faced.
Enjoy the Summit!

Our Speakers Join us From Five Different Countries!

And what a range of expertise, experience, and qualifications!

As you undoubtedly realize, there is nothing like lived experience for genuine understanding 
of an issue and for real empathy. But experience without knowledge isn't enough!

It's true - you don't need your heart surgeon to have experienced a triple bypass 
before operating on you! 
BUT for addictions and mental health challenges, or living with the loss of a child, 
lived experience combined with top-notch qualifications and skills is an unbeatable combination. Makes sense, right?
You instinctively realize that people impacted by addictions and mental illnesses need 
both the facts and comprehensive support that truly recognizes and addresses the 
depth of emotional pain and challenges they are facing. 
People to learn from and connect with.

Among our speakers you will find an amazing blend of academic and personal knowledge & insight! They are among the best at what they do.

Renowned Therapists
Acclaimed Authors
Celebrated Coaches
Esteemed Healers
Distinguished Teachers/Educators of everything connected emotionally/spiritually/physically
Addictions and Mental Health experts
Yes, the summit has ended BUT, we've got you covered!
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that were included in the summit on March 29, 30, and 31, 2021!
Day 1
March 29th
  • Surprise Talk
    Mystery Guest!
  • What Moms Need to Know to Cope With a Child's Addiction
    Darlene Lancer 
  • Grief-Living With The Loss of a Child
    Kate Cook and Joanne Byrick
  • Empowering Moms and Children in Recovering from Eating Disorders
    Tracy Kenela
  • Options for Moms Christine Gordon
  • Understanding Fear & Depression
    Cassie Moss Perry
  • Adele's Story of Recovering From Family Addictions
    Adele Tannahill
  • Lauren's Experience, Strength, and Hope                                                               Lauren Weber                   
Day 2
March 30th
  • Shifting from Shame to CompassionDr. K.J. Foster
  • Co-Dependency - Regaining Your Identity Through HealingDebbie Sherrick 
  • Understanding the Positive Purpose of Negative Emotions Libby Adams
  • Overcoming Fear to Feel More Peace Jeff Sullivan
  • Be Your Own Cheerleader and Teach Your Children to be Theirs
    Chloe Jimenez Peters
  • Mind Body Connection                              Julie Kowalchuk
  • Moving Through Negative Emotions and Rewriting Your Own Story               Sandy Sherman
  • Understanding Guilt and It's Impacts On Our Lives                                                                    Svetla Petkova
Day 3
March 31st
  • A Recipe for SuccessCarine Kindinger
  • Five Techniques for Energy Balancing
    Marla Sacks
  • Energy Healing
    Tracey Fong
  • Mama Bear - It's Time to Breathe and Flow! Dr. Lynn Migdal 
  • Healing Through ConnectionDr. James Proetz
  • Make Self Care Fun and A Part of Your Lifestyle                                              Carrie Michele Myers & Amy McCann
  • Connections between Trauma, Stress and Addictions                                    Rebecca Brown
  • Ruth's Son's Recovery From A Gaming Addiction and Depression                                 Ruth Bonde

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I missed the summit?

Don't worry! We are still offering the All Access Pass! You can purchase it by registering on this page. 

Who is this summit for?

This Summit is for any Mom who has a child (youth or adult) who is suffering from an addiction and/or a mental health challenge, or a child who is in recovery or has passed away from related causes. If you connect with any of these scenarios, you are in the right place. We're so glad you're here.

Will this summit really help me? How is it different from all the other summits out there?

If you're ready for change, and you're the mom of a child with addictions or mental health challenges, and you consciously watch the videos, this summit will be life changing for you! 

The Unstoppable Moms Summit was specifically designed and created for moms who face the same types of challenges. This is not a summit for busy moms, stressed moms, over worked moms, or any other kind of moms - this summit is special - it is for moms who have children suffering from addictions and/or mental health challenges. If that's you, then yes, this Summit will help you.

If it's so great, why was it free?

Don't let the price fool you! The reason it's free is to make it accessible to all moms who need it! We're facing an epidemic. There are so many of us out there.

How long does it take? 

This was a three day virtual summit, and there were 7 to 8 speakers per day! 

You can select just those interviews you prefer or you can watch them all - all on your schedule. 

If your schedule doesn't allow you to watch everything you want to watch, you have the opportunity to upgrade to an All Access Pass which will give you unlimited access, plus other bonuses!

Who are these speakers?

These amazing speakers were selected for their expertise in the specific areas of their interviews. They were all chosen because they have valuable information/tools for moms who have children living with addictions and/or mental health challenges (or who have passed away from related causes). 

The speakers are a blend of those with lived personal experience who we can directly relate to; qualified professionals with lived personal experience; and qualified professionals who may not have personal experience but have expertise nonetheless. There is truly something for everyone.

The professionals who were interviewed are specialists in their fields, many of whom provide support, therapy, coaching, workshops, and/or classes for women.
Register here to gain access to the  ALL ACCESS PASS option for the online summit
which wrapped up on March 31, 2021!
You will have access to all the great guest speaker interviews and more!
janet le camp
Founder and ceo
Janet is a mom who learned through personal experience how challenging life can be when faced with supporting a child with addictions and mental health issues. Not only is compassionate and effective non-judgmental support and guidance for moms of children suffering with addictions and/or mental illness hard to find, there is not a clear path, a play book, or a manual!   

Through more than a decade of searching and researching and trial and error, Janet found many answers, and created the Unstoppable Moms Summit to help other women find answers too. Without searching for a decade! 

Janet has a Masters Degree in Community Health Science and a certificate in Women's Studies, and has extensive professional experience working with youth at risk, women and violence, and addictions. 
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